Neon: opt for an original wedding decoration!

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The best day of your life is fast approaching! You've thought about the caterer, the town hall, alliances... In short, almost everything! What about decoration? The wedding decor! Know that neon has recently lit up a good number of ceremonies, for a wedding that is out of the ordinary. Romantic or more rock'n roll, these luminous decorations bring a touch of originality to impress your guests.

Wedding decor: the advantages of bright decor

As surprising as it may seem, neon lights were invented in France by Georges Claude in the 1900s. However, the trend of revisited “Neon signs” for weddings comes straight from Australia.
Yes, the Australians have been able to transpose advertising light panels to events. And the wedding planner are snapping up these little marvels to organize their clients' weddings. Among the many advantages, we find in particular the intense light which creates a sparkling and warm atmosphere , but also a festive decoration at an affordable price for a wedding. In addition, the neon lamp is energy efficient, since the LED operates in low consumption. The neon will therefore have a new life after the party: a decorative and unique light in the apartment of the newlyweds. A solution that is both aesthetic, economical and ecological ! What is appreciable above all remains without a doubt the endless customization of these decorative objects. There is something for all tastes and for all styles. So, whether the theme of the wedding is romantic, hippie chic, cinema or even the 80s, there will always be a neon design to meet your expectations. For the past few months, pretty light decorations have been integrating the landscape of French ceremonies. Decorative neon becomes a must have for a trendy and original wedding!

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Wedding decoration: decorative neon lights for each space

Town hall, village hall, dance floor, garden… The places follow one another, but neon remains essential. Indeed, each space has its own luminous accessory for a pretty, coherent and festive decoration. You can, for example, slide a luminous support in backdrop for your Photobooth . You know, those little terminals that use the principle of photo booths. Your guests then stand in front of the colorful sign and pose for one photo at a time original and aesthetic . A small detail that makes your wedding so special and that leaves memories full of memories for your family and friends. Decorative neon will also be ideal above the dance floor . Not only will this set the festive tone, but also the desire for your guests to wiggle their hips to the rhythm. So what do you think of one of the brightest musical notes?

Did you ever think you needed a neon beer in your life? And yet, it is the essential accessory to illuminate the bar area of ​​your wedding . You could even opt, in a moment of madness, for neon signs related to the different cocktails served. Mojito, Punch, Gin-tonic, Margarita, soft… Everything is possible! Finally, the table of honour could very well be topped with luminous letters. Your initials, "Just Married" or even "Love", these decorative accessories indicate your place with class. In short, neon lights appear as real design signage tools for your different spaces. The advantage with neon lights as a wedding decoration? You can then take them home for memories engraved forever.

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A tailor-made neon for a unique wedding decor

Neon lights combine both creativity and uniqueness. This duality is notably made possible thanks to their strong power of customization . At MYNEONCLUB, we offer you the opportunity to create a bespoke wedding neon for your wedding decor. The procedure is very simple. You can choose from a wide range of colors (white, yellow, pink, blue, green, orange, red and even neon lights that change colors endlessly). Of course, the colors can be combined for a design that matches your decorating ideas.

You also have choice of visual . Heart, flamingo, unicorn, cloud... Let your imagination run wild, we'll take care of the rest. THE dimensions are also flexible at will to meet all your wedding decoration expectations. And this, without any limit of length or height. So dare delusions of grandeur! Finally, you choose your writing font . Yes, because it is also possible to obtain neon lamps in the shape of letters. How about lighting up your initials? Or why not your new last name? A beautiful way to symbolize the new union. More classic, it is also possible to broadcast love continuously thanks to the luminous lettering " All you need is love ", " Amour ", " Drunk in love ", " Just married ", " Love ", " Good vibes only », « Better together »…

The choice of writing style is very valuable because it contributes to the atmosphere and theme desired for your wedding. Our neon lights give you access to a whole set of fonts to create a unique object that looks like you. Moreover, for those who wish to push the theme to the end, we can also reproduce the font of the wedding invitation. Nice, right?

neon wedding LED All you need is love Morocco neon club

Neon invades weddings, in short

The neon lamp has become a staple of Moroccan weddings. Straight from Australia, this fashion has many advantages. Aesthetic, practical, economical and ecological, decorative neon lights are infinitely customizable for an original wedding that really looks like you. So, hurry up to order the custom-made neon that will light up your dance floor, your bar or even your Photobooth. Bet on neon for your wedding decor. And long live the bride and groom!