Neon: the new trend for your company logo

Néon : la nouvelle tendance pour votre logo d’entreprise

Neon morocco club logo company interior decoration

The company logo is an essential, even central, if not vital, part of your brand identity. It represents your values, your target and it is therefore essential to develop it carefully. Design, colors, typography, but also communication media: make the right choices! To differentiate yourself and maintain your place in a very competitive professional world, the neon company logo then takes on its full meaning. Discovery of a trend that continues to develop.

More visibility thanks to the neon company logo

The neon logo provides incredible visibility! And this, both physically, in trade fairs or on the street, and from a digital point of view, via social networks. In question ? Her high luminosity and its range of colors which do not go unnoticed. Indeed, who has never looked back on an LED illuminated sign? Like mosquitoes attracted to light (we're not sure of the comparison), passers-by take longer to observe your window or stand. Result: your chances of seeing them enter your premises are multiplied. Without this signage, your business might have had a harder time standing out from the crowd. The neon logo therefore turns out to be a easy way to grab attention .

Of course, all this while respecting the law in force and the neighborhood. For this, La Maison du Néon offers you, for only a few euros more, a light intensity dimmer accompanied by its remote control. Essential accessories to adapt lighting to different times of the day, day and night. Namely that you can, anyway, turn off the neon during closing hours. But this physical visibility is also found on the Internet. Highly Instagrammable, these luminous logos embellish your feed to attract your subscribers. Moreover, your visual identity makes you recognizable among many others and therefore makes you stand out from the lot of more traditional photos and videos. A major asset to mark the spirits!

neon logo company personalized custom LED Morocco neon club

Strong and marked visual communication

As we mentioned a bit earlier, the visibility of your neon sign creates a strong brand identity. Indeed, the neon LED brings a original, sparkling and photogenic touch to your business. A good way to be recognizable among unified, much more traditional, and sometimes bland logos...

In addition, at La Maison du Néon, the panels are 100% customizable for fully respect your graphic charter . You can then choose from a multitude of colors (white, yellow, pink, blue, green, orange and red). Of course, the colors can be combined up to, why not, create neon lights that change colors ad infinitum. A bright rainbow made possible by the RGB/RGB technology . In short, you will have understood that the field of possibilities is vast for a design that meets your expectations.

You even have, in addition to colors, choice of visual . Abstract logo, mascot, emblem, monogram, pictogram, lettering, even a combination of several forms, we realize all your desires. All you have to do is send us your model via our online form . And icing on the cake, you also have the choice of font. To know that this decision is very precious, because writing contributes to your brand image, to your identity. The font of the luminous display must therefore be identical to that present on your communication media for general consistency.

neon logo company custom custom led morocco neon club

Neon sign: greater practicality

The neon signs benefit from a great practicality, and this, on various points. First, when creating them. THE dimensions luminous panels are indeed modular at will to meet all your expectations. The bonus? There are no length or height limitations. Enough to perfectly match the space allocated for the advertising sign! Additionally, our illuminated displays are designed to be fully compatible with outdoor installation . Insulation, resistance to cold, anti-UV… Everything is taken into account for safe and optimal use. Finally, our neon logos respond to US standards (United States) and THIS (Europe). Thus, all La Maison du Néon professional products are patented for greater safety!

During delivery, everything is also done to satisfy our customers. There production time is reduced to a minimum (about 15 days), as are delivery times (4 to 5 days). However, it is possible to prioritize a last minute order and thus offer a express delivery . Isn't life beautiful? Once received, the neon is very easily transportable . Indeed, its weight varies between 4 to 6 kilos depending on the LED sign, which remains very light for quick installation. Moreover, the neon lights hang very easily , like a frame, thanks to the pre-drilled 5 mm thick transparent support. All delivered with a kit of screws or metal cables, for a turnkey installation.

To finish on a high note, we guarantee the personalized illuminated signs, as well as all of their parts, for 1 year . Just that ! Knowing that the neon lamp has an absolutely incredible lifespan, since it lasts on average four times longer than an incandescent bulb.

Neon business logo, in focus

Invented in 1910 by Georges Claude, the neon sign has become the artistic signature par excellence! Brands from different fields are snapping it up to showcase their business and stand out from the crowd. And they are right! The LED neon corporate logo not only makes you more visible, but also imposes your brand identity. Thus, you are recognizable among many others in a competitive market. To facilitate the development of your logo while respecting your graphic charter, MYNEONCLUB then undertakes to create tailor-made corporate neon lights. All in compliance with the standards in force and within the shortest manufacturing and delivery times. So, what are you waiting for to become remarkable?

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