Choose the typography of your neon

Choisir la typographie de son néon

Blogs, sites, magazines or even posters are all linked by their belonging to the world of typography. Its success lies in its ability to provide an enjoyable and natural reading experience. Carrying meaning, strength and connotations, its power says a lot about the way it infuses a text with personality. 

Although the choice of a legible typography is a priority, its symbolism is just as important. And you know what, we're talking about it today with you!

The many typographic styles allow you to express all kinds of ideas. Each typography has its own story and each one has its own unique personality... Type classification systems are based on the general anatomy of letters. 

By the multitude of existing typographies, you must have heard on several occasions some notions of this large typographic vocabulary such as "Serif, sans Serif, serifs, sans serifs..." These are ultimately basic notions, but do you know how to tell them apart? Whether it is or not, stick with us for more!

The difference between these two typographic styles is played on the presence or not of serifs which end the ends of the characters in certain fonts… 

A sans serif font, in other words “sans Serif”, gives way to a visibility that makes it easier to read…
Opting for a "sans serif" font means opting for the development of content that must be broadcast with clarity... 

A font with serifs or rather “serif”, comes from the ending of the letters which refers to the traces left by a pen or a brush when the hand rises while completing the gesture of writing… It is used to give importance to what is written.

Simple details no doubt, but they play a role in the expression of values ​​such as lightness, softness, dynamism or even elegance... We knew that making the right choices is a difficult art but that's what finally makes a difference!

And now that you know how to tell them apart, what typography will you use for your future neon?

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